Workshop on metrics and methodologies of estimation of extreme climate and weather events.

27-29 September 2010, UNESCO headquarters, Paris, France

The Workshop focus is on phenomenology and methodological aspects of the quantitative
estimation of different weather and climate extremes under observed and future climate
conditions using observational and model data. The Workshop aim is to facilitate an open
dialogue of climatologists from different areas (meteorology, hydrology, oceanography), data
producers (in-situ, satellites, NWP, climate model community), and statisticians on the future
strategy for the development of robust and reliable characteristics of extremes and optimal
methodologies for their estimation.

Workshop will consist of 5 topical sessions with keynote and poster presentations:
• Hydrological extremes (precipitation, flooding and river discharge), including compound
hydroclimate extremes
• Extremes in temperature conditions (heat waves, dry spells)
• Extreme tropical and extratropical cyclones and associated wind waves and storm
• Methodologies for estimation of extremes
• Risk assessment

and three breakout groups:
• Data requirements and availability, including data policy
• Representation of extreme events in climate and operational models, including
consideration of scaling and spatial scales of extremes
• Methodologies for estimation of extremes across areas and disciplines

Workshop will consist if keynote talks, given by leading experts in different aspects of estimation
of climate extremes in WCRP and IHP projects, oral and poster presentations. We invite to
participate in the Workshop scientists from climate, meteorological, oceanographic, hydrological
and statistician communities. Contributions from the experts dealing with data analysis,
modelling, development of statistical methodologies and risk assessment are equally welcome.

Workshop organizing committee

Siegfried Demuth (UNESCO/IHP)
Valery Detemmerman (JPS/WCRP)
Sergey Gulev (IORAS, Moscow)
Albert Klein Tank (KNMI)
Anna Pirani (CLIVAR IPO)
Ron Stewart (University of Manitoba)
William Gutowski (Iowa State University)
Francis Zwiers (Environment Canada)
Olga Zolina (University of Bonn), chair